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Embrace Your Passion

Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Cassandra Cole doesn't ask for your attention; she demands it.  Her diverse tonal palette and classic vocal stylings are reassuringly relevant. Influenced by life's unique perfume of people and place, Cole's music traces the temperature of her own physical journey. From sun-drenched Californian plains to blizzard-misty Minnesotan highways, her voice joins up every temperature in-between like an enchanting map of musical waypoints. As a child, Cole would drift away in records of crackly escapist wonder.  If Garland and Holiday set the foundations, Sheeran and Apple provided the scaffold for her own musical development. As a result, her songwriting is an eclectic blend of melodic soulfulness and modern edge.


Live Life in Song

Being a mother of two sets of twins it can be easy to lose oneself and lose focus. But not so Cole. Instead, she uses her gritty, grounded and often complex life as a way of gripping the audience from first bar to second encore. Cole has written songs since the age of six and sold out the Aster Cafe in Minneapolis for her release party on February 17, 2018. Recently, Cole performed at the Pourhouse located in downtown Minneapolis; participating in RAW’s showcase for emerging local artists.  Cole just filmed “Minnisingers” which will air spring 2019 highlighting local singer-songwriters.


Be Inspired By Everything

Cole tries to make her music representative of herself and her generation. She loves the places that most people don't give a second glance.  Simply put: if life is a rich tapestry, Cassandra Cole's music allows you to feel each thread.  


Cassandra Cole

Cassandra Cole's new single, "Caught Up" is available, download today!

 Cassandra Cole won a contest through Reverbnation to work with Matty Amendola in NY to produce her eagerly anticipated single titled, "Caught Up"

Download Cassandra Cole's debut single, "Leave Me Alone" 


Upcoming Events: 2019

 March 8 Lions Tavern (6:30-9:30)

March 20 Ziggy's

              March 22 Aster Cafe Mpls $10 

              April 17 Ziggy's                  

Past Events:


Sept 7 


Sept 21

ASTER CAFE (Cassandra Cole and The Family Three)

Sept 22

Swirl Afton (1-4)

Sept 29

Swirl Afton (5:30-8:30)

Oct 7

Rivertown Art Festival (2-4)

Oct 19

Lion's Tavern (6:30-9:30)

Nov 30

Lion's Tavern 

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Cassandra Cole

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