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Indie pop songwriter Cassandra Cole, commands the stage. Riveting, soulful and alluring melodies grip audiences with every lyrical beat. City Pages describes her sound as being borrowed “stylistically from singer-songwriters like Annie Lennox, Tori Amos, and even Janet Jackson.”-Erica Rivera. 


Live Life in Song

Forging her path as a songwriter since the age of six, she has evolved into an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and performer. Cole has won a nationwide contest based on her abilities and is currently recording her debut EP.


Be Inspired By Everything

Indenting our television screens and radio transmissions with appearances on Showtime at the Apollo, Minnisingers, and recognizable commercials, Cole is painting the airways with her prismatic flare. Growing up in California and moving from Massachusetts to the Twin Cities, her songwriting is an eclectic blend of raw energetic passion and modern edge. Alongside her vibrant musical outputs, Cole instructs guitar lessons and regularly performs throughout the pulse of the Twin Cities. Simply put: if life is a rich tapestry, Cassandra Cole’s music allows you to feel each thread.  


Cassandra Cole

Cassandra Cole's new single, "Caught Up" is available, download today!

 Cassandra Cole won a contest through Reverbnation to work with Matty Amendola in NY to produce her eagerly anticipated single titled, "Caught Up"

Download Cassandra Cole's debut single, "Leave Me Alone" 


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Cassandra Cole

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